Limited Paint Pump Tournament

From the OSC Rules:
"As OSC Players, it is our pledge to play with Honor and with Integrity. 
As OSC Staff, it is our pledge to judge the games with Honor and with Integrity. 
Without Honor we have no sport. 
Without Integrity we are lost. 
We are fair play, we are the OSC."

Introducing the OSC Canada Pump Paintball Tournament

This is a pump only, limited paint, tournament that focuses on honourable play. 
The OSC format is:

Round robin set-up. 
Pump markers only.
No restrictions on auto trigger or loader.

3 man plays on Saturday, 5 man plays on Sunday. 

  The inagural OSC event was held June 18-19th at Crazy Bill's Paintball just outside of Brampton ON. With hot clear weather we saw ten 3 man teams on Saturday and three 5 man teams on Sunday. Players fought hard with some highly entertaining points! 

3 Man Results

1st Place:  The Strokes

2nd Plac:  International Pump

3rd Place:  Warthogs

5 Man Results

1st Place:  Devil Dogs

2nd Place:  Regulators

3rd Place:  Empire Army

For all the photographer's galleries: 

Carrie Ann Photography, 3 Man Saturday:

Tom from CatShack Reports, 3 Man Saturday:

                                                     5 Man Sunday:

Details on Format and Rules available here.

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